VPN Software Free For Windows PC | Hide My IP Address


    VPN Software Free For Windows PC | Hide My IP Address

    Every tech geek should know about VPN. VPN is a virtual private network which creates a firewall between you and ISP provider. Many of the high-tech companies use VPN for security reason.

    Feature Of Free VPN Software For Windows

    • It will create a security wall between you and internet.
    • Able to access blocked site by your ISP.
    • Hide Your Physical Location using different IP address.
    • Encrypt data on a secure server.

    Don’t use VPN software for any illegal work. We provide this tutorial only for educational purpose.

    List Of VPN Software Free For Windows

    Below I am providing the list of free VPN software’s, which are currently available’s for windows. The list is created according to VPN Software and according to their popularity.

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    List of VPN software free for windows: –


    It is most widely used software for the window. You can hide your location using another server. The server list provided by open VPN is updated and safe. You can hide your IP in just one click.  Open VPN is available on various language packages.

    I had personally used OpenVPN for two years. So give it a try to create security wall between PC and The Internet. The best Free VPN software according to me.


    The next best free VPN software for the window. The HotSpotShield is the free software which currently downloads more than 200 million.

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    HotSpotShield has also won the trust of million users. That’s why it is on the list. The one thing I have like in it is Free wifi hotspot feature.

    Download HotSpotShield

    HotSpotShield provides the best security hotspot in a public place. Which secure your WiFi in a public place. Since now it is supporting all the operating system.


    Another cool VPN software, the cyber ghost is loved by more than million users. They have more than 600+ servers in different countries.

    Available on all the major operating systems. In a free membership, you will get the list of most used VPN servers. After upgradations, you can enjoy full features.

    It will take only 6-7 seconds to hide your real IP address.

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    Download CyberGhost

    Enjoy the list of VPN software free for the window. Don’t use any of above-given software for hacking purpose. The list is provided you for the only test and secure your network.

    Other List Of Free VPN Services: –

    • VPNBook.com
    • Justfreevpn.com
    • Comodo VPN

    If you have any question related to VPN services, feel free to ask in the comment box. Get out latest stuff into the inbox by just subscribing our blog.


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