How to use Mail Merge to Send Form Letter to Several People in Microsoft Word

Mail Merge is a utility to send forms, letters, invitations etc. to many people simultaneously without writing the same content again and again since the postal address and greetings is the portion in a letter or invitation which are different for each recipient.

For accomplishing this task you have to sit for hours but no need to worry since today’s tutorial will explain how to use Mail merge to send forms, letters and invitations to several people at different addresses and save your precious time.

Steps to Use Microsoft Word Mail Merge to Send Mails:

1. Open Microsoft Word

2. Go to Mailing Options on the tool menu

3. Navigate to the Start Mail Merge option

4. Select and click on Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard

5. It will open Mail Merge Pane where you can find various options like letters(allows you to send letter), e-mail(allows you to send electronic mail that is through internet), envelopes (allows you to create customized envelopes with various fields) etc.

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6. Select Letters option which allows you to create and customize letter according to your requirement

7. Click on the option found at the bottom in blue color => Next : Starting Document

8. You will find three options in Select Starting Document:

a. Use the Current Document: allows you to use currently open document. Default is set to use current document.

b. Start from a template: allow you to use ready to use letter templates.

c. Start from existing document: allow you to use existing documents as your main document.

9. Click on the option found at the bottom in blue color => Next : Select Recipients

10. You will find three options in Select Recipients:

a. Use an existing list: allows you to use existing list of data source with various options like sorting(allows arranging data in ascending/descending), Filter(allows you to filter value from records), Find(allows you to find value of particular record), find duplicates(allows you to find duplicate values from the records).

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b. Select from outlook contacts: allows you to use contacts list of your outlook account as database.

c. Type a new list: allows you to create customized list as data source.

11. Click on the option found at the bottom in blue color => Next : Write your Letter.

12. In this step, you are able to add text, graphics, images in your letter or invitation.

13. You will find various options in Write Your Letter:

a. Address Block: allows you to insert various fields for addresses.

b. Greeting Line: allows to insert salutation like Dear, Mr. etc.

14. When you complete editing then save the document by pressing Save As.

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15. Click on the option found at the bottom in blue color => Next : Preview your Letter

16. This will allow you to preview your letters one by one before printing and sending them. You can make changes in any section of the letter, if needed.

17. Click on the option found at the bottom in blue color => Next : Complete the Merge.

18. This will allow you to merge values of various recipient’s information with letters and get output of the merge by Print.

You can always refer the Microsoft official website


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