Top Android War Games 2017


1. Clash of Clans.

Clash Of Clans Android War GamesClash of Clan is one of the most popular online war game. We can play around world wide using internet. In this Game we have to build our village into an unbeatable fortress so that we can protect yourself with our rivals. We have to select the mighty worriers like Dragons, Hog riders, Archers to defeat our rivals and take over their resources. We can also fight with our players over the world wide and take their trophies. Approximately 150 millions user download this game.

2. Boom Beach.

Boom Beach Android War GamesBoom Beach is awesome in all android war game in which we have to fight against the evil blackguard with Brains. We have to attack on the enemy bases to free the islander and to know the secret of tropical paradise. We can also play with other players to make an unstoppable task force to co operate a mission.  We have to fight to take control of resources to upgrade our bases against the enemies. Approximately 100 million users download this game.

3. Game of War Fire Age.

Game of War Fire Age Android War GamesFire Age game provide a feeling of real king. In this game we have to make empire that remains for long lasts. It is an online role playing game. We can also play it with other players around the world. We can also chat with other players in 32 different languages. We can use our power to give special title to our friends and enemies. We can build and customize our empire. We can train over worriers to fight against our rivals. Approximately 100 million user download this game.

Top Android War Games 2017

4. Rivals at War.

Rivals At War Android War Games

Rivals at War is another popular among all android war games which include military missions. We have to select the Best soldiers for our team who are ready each time for fighting. We can upgrade our weapons for each mission. We can control and command our team. We can train our soldiers for different missions. This Game offer 45 different mission and each mission with 3d graphics which unlock special rewards. Approximately 50 million users download this game.

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5. Dinosaur War.

Dinosaur War Android War GamesDinosaur War is also a popular android war game which shows the story of battle between human and Dinosaur. This Game offer a variety of Dinosaur as our rivals. We can also build mines, pastures, stone quarries as our resources for later use. We have to win battle to win latest equipment’s and increase our powers. Jurassic shop also give special weapon and equipment’s to win the battle. Approximately 10 million users download this game.

6. Star Wars.

Star Wars Android War GamesStar Wars is amazing in list of android war games in which we have to select super heroes for our team and provide training for Wars. This game provide us a chance to fight in different legendary locations. It provide an awesome GUI and easy to play control. This game provide us a real feeling of a super hero as we actually fight with our rivals. We can use powers of different super heroes to defeat our rivals. Approximately 10 million user download this game.


7. Spartan Wars Blood And Fires.

Spartan Wars Android War GamesSpartan Wars is ancient and best among all android war games which is available on Google play store for free. In this game we have to build city, collect money and upgrade and develop our city. We can also train our army of spartan worries to defeat our rivals. We can also make sacrifices to the god and also take advantage of their divine powers in Wars. Approximately 10 million users download this Game.

8. Warship Battle 3D World War 2.

Warship Battle-3d Android War Games

Warship Battle is 3d war game which offer attractive graphics and easy to play controls. It is an offline game which offer real scenes of wars, fire, weapons and warships. We can also customize  our warship with different equipment’s and weapons to defeat our rivals. It is compatible with all Android version starting from Android 2.3 or higher. Approximately 50 million users download this games.


9. Tank War 2013.

Tank War 2013 Android War GamesTank War is a combination of war game and a military strategy Game. We have to fight against enemy military and make a strategy to defeat them. This game provide realistic shooting, classic sound of different types. We have to destroy enemies tank and escape our base. This Game offer different missions to complete. Approximately 5 million user download this Game.

10.War Inc – Modern World Combat.

War Inc Real World Combat Android War GamesModern World Combat is awesome android action and war Game. The game is based on the full modern technology. The army of modern world is Roberts which are equipped with different weapons. In this game to defeat alliances from different planets. We can also play  with other players around the world to make unbeatable force. Approximately 5 million users download this game.

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