Top 25 Most Popular Social Networking Sites And Social Apps

Top 25 Most Popular Social Networking sites And Social Apps
Top 25 Most Popular Social Networking sites And Social Apps

Most Popular Social Networking sites And Social Apps

If anyone wants to promote their small or big business on the Internet then Social Media is the best way to promote any kind of business or brands. Social Network is not hard to use it’s very easy to use and you can reach your brand or business to new audience or peoples there have also paid to advertise.

However, if you want to proper utilize you need to know the best and popular Social Media Sites. 

I am showing here some of the top Social Media Networks because everyone can identify the top Social Media Sites.

Most Popular Social Networking / Media Sites

  1. Facebook

Facebook is the very popular Social Networks in the world right now. Facebook Founded on Feb 4, 2014. There are lots of users right now the estimated user more than 1.94 billion. Anyone can promote their small or biggest business using Facebook.

  1. Twitter

Twitter was found on March 21, 2016.

Twitter is one of the best Social Media Platform. If you want to post anything there you will get the limiting character. But you will be shocked listen to this that 140 character is enough to spread your business in the word because more than 320 million monthly user activity to promote their business.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is most popular Social Media Networking site. LinkedIn is the best to connect same industrial peoples. It was found on December 14, 2002. There are lots of users more than 400 million registered users right now.

  1. Google Plus

If you have any idea about SEO you should know how much important Google+. This is very popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. It was founded on December 15, 2011. There are more than 430 million monthly user activities.

  1. YouTube

We can say Nowadays YouTube is second largest Search Engine. It was founded on Feb 14, 2015. YouTube is the most popular Video based Social Media Site. YouTube also give us great ways to make money from home.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest launched in March 2010. Pinterest is image based most popular Social Media Platform. Anyone can invest here to get targeted audience. Pinterest is one of the best platforms to sell anything like cloth, eBook, accessories etc.

  1. Instagram

Instagram also the largest image based Social Media Networking site. Was found on October 5, 2010, it has more than 410 million users and more than 400 million active users. Instagram is most popular for Beauty, Fashion, Food and similar post. Most of the Instagram users use Facebook. You can boost your business on Instagram Ads.

You can check the others top Social Media Sites bellow the list.

  1. Tumblr
  2. Flickr
  3. Reddit
  4. Snapchat
  5. WhatsApp
  6. Quora
  7. Vine
  8. Periscope
  9. BizSugar
  10. StumbleUpon
  11. Delicious
  12. Digg
  13. Viber
  14. Myspace
  15. VK
  16. LiveJournal
  17. Badoo
  18. OK

If you have any other list please share in the comment box because everyone can see the list or if you have any question feel free to ask me here.

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