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List Of Top Free Proxy Sites 2016 , Latest

Free proxy sites are very helpful in many situations. For example you are in your college, office etc & you want to access some sites that are blocked by your ISP, college, govt or school. Proxy sites/servers serves as life saver for you at that situations. Some website are not accessible in some particular regions and blocked due to restrictions imposed by the ISPs. At that time only solutions is proxy sites/servers. some other example for using proxy websites:

In live cases when you visit blocked websites then you will generally see the error like

  • This webpage is not available
  • This website/url has been blocked

access blocked website through proxy sites

These are either by Court orders or by the Department of Telecommunications. If you want to access these blocked website then best way to do the same is using proxy websites or proxy server. Suppose if you want to know how to unblock youtube then also you can use this free web proxy sites/server list.

What is a proxy server or a proxy site?

Proxy server or a proxy site serves as a mediator between you(client) and the site(server) you are visiting. Proxy site fetches contents from the site you required.

proxy websites-server lists

In this way it seems that you are visiting the proxy site only. But actually you would be surfing the blocked sites. Also proxy sites helps you to hide your identity i.e. surf anonymously. This proxy sites list will also answer your queries like free online web proxy, web proxy server, best proxy server too.

How a proxy site/server works?

Proxy sites or servers makes an intermediate tunnel between you and the destination site usually it is their own proxy server. The tunnel proxy sites they are providing can be free or paid. For using a proxy sites / server you need to first visit the proxy server website or its software as provided earlier. Then go to address bar of that proxy site and type the url of the web sites you need to access. You will be given access to that site from the proxy site itself.

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Here I have collected selected most popular proxy server/sites list. However for being in safe side first check the authenticity of that proxy sites first then only use them. Some people also create fake proxy sites to steal people’s information’s. I have collected a good safe proxy server list, bookmark this list for future reference.

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There is also another way to access blocked websites with the help of Virtual Private Network(VPN) apart from using proxy sites . You can take help of some free VPN providers. If you have some penny to spend on quality then you can also go for some paid VPN services like HIDEMYIP. I personally recommend this service because they also offer 7 days trial period.

Here I am sharing the best 100 free web proxy sites/server list (list also includes web proxies, proxy server list, reverse proxy, ssl proxy)which are good to use and working. You can also use these proxy sites to unblock YouTube videos that are not available at your palace. If you are not able to access your favorite sites like Facebook, twitter or other social sites etc, then you are at the right palace.

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Using these proxy site list you will able to access these blocked sites anywhere. All of these best free web proxy websites/servers list are at single palace.

  1. Hidester
  2. HideMyAss:
  3. kProxy
  4. Zfreez
  5. FilterByPass –
  6. Don’t Filter –
  7. New Ip Now –
  8. Unblock My Web –
  9. Working Proxy –
  10. Free YouTube –
  11. Unblock youtube at school
  12. Quickproxy –
  13. Push Proxy –
  14. Private Surf –
  15. Sporium –
  16. Fast USA Proxy –
  17. Can’t block this –
  18. New IP Now –
  19. Anonymouse –
  20. Hide the internet –
  21. Hidden Digital Info –
  22. Anony Mizer – (14 days free trial)
  23. K Proxy –
  24. Greatest free proxy:
  25. Proxay –
  26. Don’t Filter –
  27. Working Proxy –
  28. Proxy 2014 –
  29. Saoudi proxy
  30. Prox Me Call Me Names –
  31. Change IP & Country –
  32. VTunnel –
  33. Jezus Loves this proxy
  34. Pro unblock –
  35. Rapid Proxy –
  36. New IP now –
  37. Ninja Cloak –
  38. Proxyo –
  39. Quick Proxy sites –
  40. DeFilter –
  41. Free Proxy Server –
  42. Free You Proxy Tube –
  43. Hide Me Ass –
  44. Remove Filters –
  45. UK – Proxy –
  46. Proxay –
  47. View Youtube –
  48. Mega Proxy –
  49. Greatest Free Proxy sites –
  50. Fish Proxy –
  51. ECXS –
  52. Zalmos Web Proxy –
  53. Surf Proxy –
  54. FB Proxies –
  55. VPN Browse –
  56. The Best Proxy –
  57. Proxy 2014 –
  58. Extreme Proxy sites–
  59. Hide The Internet –
  60. Crazy Proxy –
  61. Hide My Trax Proxy –
  62. Proxy One –
  63. Web Proxy Free –
  64. World Cup Proxy –
  65. Suede Proxy –
  66. Stardoll Proxy –
  67. IP Switcher –
  68. Proxy 4 Freedom –
  69. Proxy Browse –
  70. Just Proxy –
  71. Fast School Proxy –
  72. Monster Proxy –
  73. See Proxy –
  74. Canada Proxy –
  75. Sporium –
  76. Saoudi Proxy –
  77. Proxy Internet –
  78. Ca Proxies –
  79. Proxy 2015 –
  80. PK Proxy –
  81. America Proxy –
  82. Korea Proxy –
  83. Brazil Proxy –
  84. King Surf Proxy –
  85. Proxy site –
  86. Hide me proxy-
  87. Sokal online proxy site-
  88. Map toy –
  89. Listmmo –
  90. Anonymousrus proxy sites –
  91. Ninjafy –
  92. Draw Forum –
  93. Firoxy proxy sites-
  94. Bag Bone –
  95. Surf Help –
  96. Wing proxy sites
  97. Ultimate access proxy sites-
  98. Filerless –
  99. The unstoppable –
  100. Dine Forum proxy sites-
  101. BestSchool –
  102. Proxy foxy sites-
  103. Poll proxy –
  104. Poof proxy –
  105. Surflist proxy sites
  106. IP less Prox sites –
  107. Surf Land Proxy sites-
  110. hi5 proxy –
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Free proxy sites/server conclusion

Using proxy sites is never considered safe for privacy. If you want to be on safer side then always use Virtual private Network(VPN). You can check my HideMyIp review which is a paid VPN service. Tell us about your experience of using proxy sites to access blocked websites.

Note:  If I have missed some web proxy sites, free online proxy, free proxy server which you know the let me know about it. I will update the list with appropriate reference. Just drop a comment and I will update this free web proxy sites list.


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