Top 10 Popular Technology Websites 2016

In this Digital technology we always look over for 10 best information providing sites. We may or may not familiar with all the top technology sites available on internet.
Most of the people around us, eager to look at best information providing technology sites. Alltech 9 provides the information of the top ten best sites available in the market. Most of the bloggers search Google for various kinds of stuff and don’t know websites to follow.
Here are the top informative sites, that provides latest news, reviews, gadgets, and videos on consumer electronics, technology updates in the markets.
Ranking of the websites were given by the Alexa Global Traffic Rank and U.S. Traffic Rank. estimated based on their unique monthly visitors.
1. CNET (
CNET the world’s best informative providing site for technology, news, phones and ranks top because of it up-to date information on all products from globally.
We can get all kind of information on gadgets, technology news, software’s, reviews on all electronic devices, pictures, videos.
CNET provides best information than any other technology website provides until now and it providing service from 1994 and it always ranks top because of its unique visitors.
2. Yahoo! Tech (
Most of us are familiar about yahoo as web-mail, search engine, messenger for chatting and video calling. But most of us don’t know that Yahoo also provides information about changing world of technology, reviews and ratings on thousands of tech products across 19 categories.
If you are buying and looking for reviews, quality and in depth analysis of the product then Yahoo tech is the best site to look.When you visit Yahoo tech, you feel amazing by looking at reviews and thousands  of  products available in the site. Yahoo tech launched on January 2014.
 3. Gizmodo (
Gizmodo, all the time the best popular site for design and technology. Looking for in depth analysis about technology and gadgets, news and reviews on consumer electronics, then Gizmodo is the best one.
This site provides information and reviews on gadgets, videos, technology news. Gizmodo is part of the Gawker Media and launched in 2002 and rank best in top ten technology sites.
4. The Verge (
The Verge, the most amazing website that it covers technology, science, art and culture. It always ranks top among the top 10 popular sites because many of the websites don’t have intersection with all categories such as tech, science, video, reviews, art, culture, news, and forums.
If you are looking product reviews, podcast, entertainment shows, news, long form features stories and technology, The Verge is the best one to go. It is basically provides technology news, culture, arts, science and launched in November  2011.
5. Tom’s Hardware (
The name itself indicates, it mainly focuses products regarding to hardware. If you are looking for reviews to buy some electronic devices or individual hardware products Toms Hardware is the best site.
It launched in 1996 and provide reviews on motherboards, CPU’s, RAMs, graphic cards, display board, memory storage cards, SD cards, video reviews on all the computer peripherals. Tom’s Hardware also write articles on gadgets, consumer electronic products, price comparisons and it always ranks in top 10 in the market.
6. Wired (
It publishes information through print and online editions, that reports how latest technologies affect culture, the economy and politics.
Wired site gives information on different categories like lifestyle, technology, business and it always stand in top best positions in the market.
7. Engadget (
Engadget, the best online magazine updating information on all consumer electronic goods and gadgets.
Engadget provide in depth analysis and reviews on gadgets and different tech products. You can also find videos on gadgets and consumer electronics. It is multilingual technology website and it launched in March 2014.
8. Digital trends (
Digital trends the best that publishes news, reviews, how to articles, guides, descriptive podcasts and videos based on technology and consumer products.
It has broad spectrum of categories for which the site provide information includes, consumer electronic products like video games, smart phones and systems, laptops, iPads, tablets, home theater systems, and many more. It was launched in June 2006.
9. ZDNet (
It is completely a business technology news website and offers categories such as research, windows, Future of IT, BYOD, Innovation, enterprise software, CXO. ZDNet always updates their business technology with latest news, events, IT trends and issues.
It regularly updates breaking news and analysis made audience to keep in touch. It was launched in April 1,1991 and publications owned by CNET networks.
10. Tech Republic (
Most of the time we look at the best software or tool to practice for our education or day-to-day needs.
TechRepublic provides all the informative knowledge to IT professionals. It is an online trade publication and social community especially for IT professionals.
It is debuted as a website in May 1999 and purchased by CNET networks in 2001 for $23 million. TechRepublic always ranks top and it is the best for audience who looks for best software’s and tools.
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