Top 10 Maths Apps for Daily Practice


Maths is actually a boring and difficult subject for those whose don’t understand its basic concepts.

So, to get a tight grip on maths, you need to master the basics with some innovative methods like mobile apps.

With some superb apps, you and your kids can easily practice maths at all levels. Further, you can also develop early skills of maths like counting, shapes, addition and some advanced skills as algebra and geometry.

#1 – Operation Math

Operation Math
This is one of the best and most commonly used mobile app for daily math practice which turns your students into secret missionaries who will travel around the world on different missions. It is basically a fun way to teach to practice and sharpen your child’s arithmetic skills.

#2 – Kids Math

Kids Math
This is the other superb educational app for practicing maths daily and it basically has more than 8 levels which you have to complete within a certain time period by answering a set of questions at each level. It has a unique feature which only gives you 30 seconds for answering each question and if your answer is correct.

Developer: Mobiloids
Price: Free

#3 – Tiggly Math

Tiggly Math
Tiggly is the other beautiful app designed for your daily math practice. It basically consist of colorful number blocks which adds something new to your learning process. It brings physical objects and digital process of learning together in one place. This app basically focuses on teaching math to kids who are between 4 to 7 years of age.

#4 – Motion Math Zoom

Motion Math Zoom
Now, here is the other innovative app which helps you practice maths with some exciting skills and concepts. It is basically a free app for all types of elementary students. This app is also approved by teachers who have seen quick learning of decimals by students in a very short period of time.

Motion Math: Fractions!

#5 – Algebra Tutor

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Algebra Tutor
This app helps you in explaining various concepts of algebra by a step by step guide which comes with solutions and also explain you that where you have made a mistake. It usually, comes with more that 30 practice concepts like fraction addition/subtraction, linear equations, finding greatest denominator and many more.

#6 – Counting Caterpillar

Counting Caterpillar
Another colorful and superb app for practicing maths is counting caterpillar. It has gorgeous visual which keep your kids engaged in the concepts. In this app, you have to basically feed the caterpillars by counting and catching apples in the correct order or sequence for which you can even earn some butterflies to reach to the next level.

Counting Caterpillar
#7 – Mental Maths

Mental Maths
This app is basically designed for iPhones and for the students who are of age between 5-11 years. It basically explains you some basic mental math tricks and which helps you in solving your maths sums and problems very quickly. It also uses an engaging quiz format with some animations who can offer advice when you get stuck at any step of your problem.

Let’s Do Mental Maths Ages 10-11: Andrew Brodie Basics
Developer: Bloomsbury Publishing

#8 – Sums Stacker

Sums Stacker
This is the other most commonly used amazing app which incorporates critical analysis, thinking and problem solving skills while you are playing with math concepts with some innovative gaming options. This app basically helps you believe that math is fun by making its concepts easy for you.

Sums Stacker

#9 – Math workout

Math workout
This app is a set of daily brain training exercises and drills which are designed to enhance and upgrade your mental arithmetic skills. It has various fun games for all ages, tracks your progress with charts and also helps your brain stay sharp while understanding basic math concepts.

#10 – Let’s Do the Math

Let's Do the Math
Last but not the least is this superb app which keeps you and your kids busy for a long time with its 15 different types of exercises which further comes under more than 3 categories and some word problems that focuses on basic concepts like addition and subtraction.

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So, these are some of best and top mobile apps for daily maths practice out of which you can opt for any which suits you best.


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