Hello , Folks , We are back with a new interesting topic that will really  blow you mind . We all now that Internet has become a part of our life . And we all use it daily . We use it to check Mails , Facebook , Surfing on Google , watching on Youtube , and much more . But have you ever thought , what will happen if we don’t get access to the internet for a Minute or 60 seconds ?  Here I am going to show you the things that happen on the internet every 60 seconds .

#1 Browsing On Google

More than 24 lakh of people browsers on Google Every 60 seconds

#2 Emails

Using services like Gmail , Yahoo etc , more than 15 crores of emails are exchanged .

#3  Amazon

Amazon , an e-Commerce site makes sale of Rs 1,35,69866 (Approx) Every 60 Seconds

#4  App Store

In Apple App Store more than 50 Thousand of applications are downloaded every 60 Seconds

#5  Facebook

The Number of visitors to the world largest social networking site , Facebook is about 701,389 and from this more than 4 Lakh of people likes their favourite posts

# 6  Twitter

Twitter receives about 3 lakh Tweets every 60 Seconds

#7  Youtube

More than 278 lakh of people watches videos on Youtube every 60 Seconds . And it is estimated that more than 300 Lakh of hours of video is played every 60 seconds.

#8 WhatsApp

In every 60 Seconds, more than 2.08 crores of messages are exchanged through WhatsApp

#9  Instagram

Instagram receives more than 34,194 new posts every 60 seconds

#10  Uber

The leading online taxi service Uber makes 1389 rides in every 60 Seconds

#11  LinkedIn

Professional social networking site LinkedIn , Starts 160 Professional accounts in every 60 seconds

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