Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Specs, Rumors & Price


Oh! It’s too early to talk about the Samsung Galaxy S8? You are wrong, I love you, you are still wrong. The Samsung Galaxy S7 launched only a few months ago but work on the Galaxy S8 may have started even before the currently flagship became commercially available and some rumor-mongers have already made the Samsung Galaxy S8 their personal responsibility.

samsung galaxy s8 specs

What do we know so far about the next Samsung flagship? So far, there have been a lot of stuff popping up; while some are logical others look too good to be true. It’s better to balance your skepticism because you never can tell; one bogus feature could just become a reality. Remember the buzz that surrounded by water-resistance? How about dual cameras and modular smartphones? Most people took a swipe at such technology, but they are a reality now. That’s the power of technology; breaking complex stuff into simple stuff – it’s that simple.

Release Date

Samsung will follow the same launch sequence of its Galaxy range of smartphones. The so-called Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to hit store-shelves after the Mobile World Congress 2017. It’s possible that we could release date happening in February or March 2017.

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Samsung will most likely price the Galaxy S8 at a very sweet spot. The price should sit comfortably in the range of $600 – $700. This is realistic following the stiff competition from brands like Huawei, Xiaomi and chief rival Apple.

Rumors And Specs

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 pretty much have same design. The so-called Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to see complete overhaul in its design language. The next-generation Galaxy smartphone should be lighter, thinner and probably have more glass. There would also be a Edge variant which has been a massive success, but expect the Edge variant of the Galaxy S8 to come with more functionality on the curved Edge display.

2K Display is dated, Samsung will jump into 4K display with the Samsung Galaxy S8. VR is going main stream, Samsung will ride on the success of the VR industry to make the Galaxy S8 stand tall against the competition. Samsung Galaxy S8 will most likely come with 5.2-inch display, retaining what rocks the Galaxy S7.


Speculations also suggest that the so-called Galaxy S8 is the much talked about Project Valley, the smartphone with a foldable display. It’s not clear if Samsung will want this amazing gimmick on the Galaxy S8 or introduce a new range of smartphone to demonstrate its technology powers.

Talking about security, Samsung might remove the Home button if it adopts the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that works on the display. Some reports say Samsung will opt for Iris scanner for tighter security. We can’t be sure about this, but Samsung will want a more secured Samsung Galaxy S8 and any of the two options looks attainable.

The so-called Samsung Galaxy S8 may not feature a 3.5MM jack, it’s possible Samsung will adopt Intel’s replacement for the 3.5MM jack. Apple has already re-echoed its desire to dump the headphone jacket, we expect more OEM to follow this route. No doubt, if the headphone jack is removed, Samsung will also adopt the Type-C USB port that offers faster charging, and data transfer.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with Qualcomm’s next generation chipset, the Snapdragon 830 which will support 8GB RAM. Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to make use of the raw power available. The smartphone will have two variants like the S7, one with Snapdragon SoC and another with Samsung Exynos processor.

Samsung is expected to follow the same path of LG with G5. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will spot a dual camera setup. Dual cameras improve focusing speed, low-light performance and improves image quality with great composition.

At this time, this is what rumour suggest about the Galaxy S8 line-up. You are advised to retain your skepticism regarding this information since we are unable to get concrete proof that supports it.


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