Pokemon Go Users Can Soon Chat With Razer Go


Pokemon Go has swept the markets of technology like a storm!

Ever since the release of this mighty popular game, the global media has been covering it every single day!

With the game expanding and reaching more and more users, new features are now expected to be added.

The game is quite unique and offers the users with a larger number of new experiences. However, there is one thing that is missing from the app – users cannot communicate with each other. However, thanks to Razer Go, they would soon be able to chat.

Razer Go is being developed by Razer. This company has been popularly known for their gaming hardware. The arrival of this app adds the one major element that has been missing from the game.

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However, while Razer might be the big-gun here, despite working in no sort of an official capacity, there is already competition in the markets. GO Chat has been an app especially created for pokemon Go users to chat.

As of this writing, the web version of the Razer Go app is live. They are soon expected to release the Android and iOS version of the app as well.

At this point of time, it seems that Razer is indeed facing a tough competition from unofficial apps. However, it is expected to take over in the days to follow as the official Pokemon Go Chat app.

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Go Chat – the unofficial chat app has been getting a massive response. Developers of the app are facing crashes in the servers, They have become so popular that new registrations have been closed down for a while.

The developers of this app have confirmed in an interview that there currently are more than 2 Million users using this app! With Razer Go now coming into the picture, the landscape is drastically expected to change over the next few months.


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