Linux Is Better Than Windows : 5 Reasons


5 Reasons : Linux Is Better Than Windows

Linux is making people crazy ever wondered why ? Why different sites offering paid Linux courses ? Ever wondered why Linux is better than windows ? If, Yes, here is something for you. In this article I will tell you why Linux is better than windows, so keep on reading.

1. FREE TO USE : Linux is available to everyone for free, but this is not the same thing with Microsoft Windows. For a genuine windows copy you have to pay $100-$250 but in case of Linux all you have to do is downloading your favorite Linux distro from its site. For example if you want to download Ubuntu just go to its official site and you will get a download link for free.
2. PROGRAMMERS PARADISE : Are you a programmer or want to start learning to code? You might have thought about installing Linux. Linux supports almost all of the programming languages such as Python, C/C++, Java, Perl, Ruby. Plus Linux offers you a bunch of free applications to get your programming work done. The Linux terminal is far better than window’s command line for developers. Moreover, the ability of bash scripting is also one of the most compelling reasons why programmers love to choose Linux operating system. Linux also gives you support for SSH, which would help you to manage your servers quickly.
3. VARIETY OF LINUX DISTRIBUTIONS : With Microsoft windows you may not find the perfect operating system for your work but with Linux you will definitely get a Llinux distro that is made for your work. Like there’s a Linux distro for Hackers, Linux distro for programmers, Linux distro for office purpose and there’s a Linux distro for extremely old computers.
4. AWESOME COMMUNITY : We will face new problems everyday with an operating system, And sometimes it costs too much to hire someone just to fix the problem and with Microsoft windows its kinda irritating, but in case of Linux you don’t have to worry much just type your problem on google and you’ll get so many websites just to solve your problem.  You can even post your query on a Linux forum and the community members will give you a detailed solution to your problem. There are a lot of active Linux users who are always ready to respond on such threads. The number of such active members on such forum is more than the active members on a Windows forum.
5. RELIABILITY  : Windows gets slower day by day, you have to reinstall windows after a couple of months just to experience a  smooth desktop. But with Linux you don’t have to worry about it. In fact Linux helps your desktop to run smoothly for a much longer period. Search engine giant Google or the blue social network site Facebook’s servers run on Linux because of the reliability.
I just mentioned top 5 reasons why Linux is better, if you think Windows is better or wanna add something to the article comment down. Or if you’re planning to install Linux on your computer then comment down what made you to choose Linux over windows.
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