Leaked Sketch Photo Of Iphone 7 Pro Has Two iSight Camera And No Headphone Jack


Its just getting crazier for Apple this days, today we came across design schematics from Japan and it seems Apple is trashing the Iphone 7 Plus name and headphone jack,  iPhone 7 Pro moniker and two iSight cameras may be in.

Detailed drawings of Apple’s larger-sized iPhone 7 suggest that it’ll be the same thickness as the iPhone 6S Plus at 7.3mm, but add new features, according to Japanese magazine Mac Fan.

A dual-lens rear camera is the phablet-sized highlight of this iPhone 7 Pro sketch, and it backs up last week’s newly discovered Apple patent for telephoto and broader lenses in one device.

Two main Camera features have been used on smartphones recently: the LG G5 can take either tighter, normal 16MP pictures or wider 8MP photos with its second camera.

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The Huawei P9 simultaneously shoots black-and-white photos with more detail and color photos for more vivid tones, and then combines them into one with an adjustable bokeh effect.

These aren’t even the two best camera phones. That title belongs to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, so Apple has its work cut out for itself in September.

It’s clear to everyone that Apple needs to improve on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus camera in the face of mounting competition, and a dual camera setup is one way of doing just that.

However, it’s unclear to most why the company would axe the iPhone headphone jack, as rumors have suggested. They may have more to do with each other than you think.

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The schematics indicate the iPhone 7 Pro will be the same dimensions as the iPhone 6S Plus, even with the second iSight camera onboard.

That may be why Apple is allegedly consolidating the headphone jack and Lighting port. Every bit of extra space counts when it comes to the world’s best phones.

In conclusion, the sketch from Japan might be true or false we don’t know if Apple will call it iPhone 7 Pro or maybe they will use this design, more information will be available by Mid-September.


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