Killer tips to improve Alexa Traffic Rank of your Blog


Alexa is California based web Information Company that rank any website and blogs on the basis of their combined measure of visitors, page views and some other important factors.

Alexa also provides rank of any websites, rank will be worldwide and also specific company. The alexa traffic rank is based on 3 month of historical traffic data and page view.

In this article we will discuss about the very interesting and important topic how to improve alexa ranking or basic method to increase alexa ranking.

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Now the first question arise in your mind how alexa measures the rank of any blog or website? Many of us think that all the traffic coming to a blog/ websites contributes to improvement in alexa ranking, which think is truth but not complete truth.

Alexa measures only that traffic which passes through Alexa or has alexa toolbar installed. Ex- if any visitor installed Alexa toolbar while comes in your website or blog then it will counted and that type of visiting will increase your website’s alexa.

Awesome tips to improve your Alexa traffic rank quickly

Killer tips to improve Alexa Traffic Rank of your Blog

Install Alexa Toolbar

This is most important factor to improve Alexa ranking, I already said above how alexa calculated point that alexa will only count that traffic that have Alexa toolbar installed.

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So, it is important and helpful to install alexa toolbar in your browser and also ask your blog readers to install alexa toolbar in their browser by clicking here.

Add Alexa Widget

Add Alexa widget in your blog that helps alexa servers to batter track your websites traffic. So add Alexa widget in your website/blog and see a significant improvement in your blog ranking.

Yes, using an Alexa widget like this you can display your site’s Alexa rank on your site:

Just change to your website in two places in the HTML snippet below, and then copy and paste it into your website’s HTML:

<a href=””><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script></a>

Here is a widget that displays both your site’s Alexa rank and Sites Linking In count:

<a href=””><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script></a>

Note that this widgets do not support https.

Claim your site

If you want to increase your blog alexa ranking then site Claiming is another good think to improve alexa ranking. So, create an account on alexa and go to claim your site link in alexa website and follow given stapes to claim your website.

Click on given link and create alexa account. After creating alexa account go to claim your site link. They will provide you a file to upload or a simple HTML code which you have to put in the <head> section of your page. After that verify the ownership of your website.

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Write only quality content

Every bloggers better know the content is king and this is also works in alexa ranking improvement. If you write quality contents in your website or blog then your alexa ranking will increase definitely.

Invite Bloggers to visit your Blog

Invite bloggers and techies to visit your blog let your alexa rank increase quickly. The main reason behind this, that the most of bloggers have alexa toolbar installed in their browsers. So, if you get traffic from those visitors then it will help to improve your alexa ranking. You can invite bloggers from social networking sites or bloggers group.


Backlinks is another important factor to improve alexa ranking. Good backlinks will improve your page rank and website traffic. So, try to get backlinks from other popular websites. By commenting on other blog/ websites you can get backlinks. It is easiest way to get backlinks from others. Click here to get 100 High PR  Dofolow Bg commenting site List .

Drive traffic from Social media sites

Social media is one of the greatest ways to drive huge traffic. So share each and every topic with your social Medias friends or your social media fan page. Also try to connect with other bloggers on social media. As I have mentioned earlier, many of bloggers use alexa toolbar in there browser. So, this method may prove to be quite effective for alexa ranking.

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Hope this will help you to increase your blog alexa ranking. Friends, what alexa secrete you apply to increase Alexa ranking of your blog. Share your view & suggestion in comments, also share if you have any query. I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible


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