Importance of Good Hosting for a Website


    Good Hosting : It’s Importance

    Hosting of the website is one of the most crucial tasks. It needs to be done by an expert especially if you want your website to  function smoothly for a long while. Most of the companies are so focused on the SEO and content of the website that they often select a random hosting provider. You should not make that mistake. You should remember the importance of good hosting for a website. If you are not sure about why hosting is so crucial, have a look at these points and you’ll understand what we are talking about.

    1) Keeps Customers Happy: If you select a hosting provider that ensures good up time and less downtime, it will keep your customers happy. Your customers would be tempted to visit you repeatedly. A happy customer would also be more loyal to your brand and would easily recommend you to others as well. Choosing a service provider like Hostgator is a smart idea when looking for a reliable hosting company as it provides 99.9 up time guarantee and the guarantee is backed by none other than the company CEO.

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    2) Great for SEO: When search engines look for your website a good hosting company would ensure that it finds you easily. On the contrary, if a search engine cannot find you, you will be losing crucial in the danger of losing SEO rankings. Big Rock provides dedicated customer support that is available 24 by 7 and ensures that your downtime problem is resolved instantly no matter what time of the day or night it is.

    3) Awesome for Your Reputation: When you have a website that runs 24 by 7, it will be great for your reputation. If your website goes down every now and then the reputation would be tarnished. So, if you are after a sterling reputation, select a good hosting provider. If you want an expert hosting provider to shield your reputation, you can rely on the international brand GoDaddy as it offers industry leading page load time.

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    4) Good for the Revenues: When the website is available 24 by 7, you will get the chance of earning revenues from not only national but international customers as well. This will boost your revenues as people from all over the world would be able to shop from your website as per their suitable time zones rather than waiting for your website to be functional at specified times.

    5) Offers Protection: Last but not the least, a good web host would provide you a lot of protection from all the malicious hackers and malware. It will offer password protected directories, block IPs, Secure FTP Access and even offer hotlink & leech protection. All these features would protect your website from unnecessary attacks. If you are looking for the exact security features mentioned here then you can head to Bluehost as it offers best in class security as a part of all its hosting packages, business, standard and pro.


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