Roposo : How To Get a Massive Following


Roposo : Here’s How To Get a Massive Following 

Roposo – a fashion search engine that has successfully managed to unite all kinds of women by tapping into their weakness – fashion, accessories, shopping, and everything from occasion dressing to perfect Simple Mehndi Designs.

You can’t help but admit that appearances do matter and in most cases, the first impression tends to be the last one. People usually judge a book by its cover and so it is very important for you to be well dressed.

When you are wondering about fashion do’s and don’ts and have no one to turn to, Roposo can be your best friend and stir you towards the right direction.

Once you have a fair idea about how to make use of Roposo, your days of being an influencee can finally be over, and your journey as a trendsetter can start in full swing, provided you take the following steps.

Blog, Blog, and Blog

Fashion blogging these days is taken pretty seriously. The fact that major fashion brands use fashion bloggers to promote their clothing is proof of that. You can influence people with your fashion style through your blogging. Wondering how?

Just post a picture that you have sued in your blog and include the URL link to your website. This is one of the easiest and best ways to get all those women on Roposo to follow you and pay heed to your fashion tips.

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Post Lots of Videos

Images and videos have more effect than words. This is because you require more time to read and no one has time in today’s world.

Vlogging is a form of blog where you interact with your audience through videos.  When it comes to giving advice on fashion, there is nothing like a YouTube video with you all dressed up and looking picture perfect and sharing your tips with the viewers.

Go to your profile on Roposo, and instead of positing a picture, post a video – yes it is as simple as that. It is a guarantee that within hours, the response to that would be huge.

Do not be a Fashion Snob

The key to being a perfect style icon on Roposo, and anywhere is being friendly and approachable. Realize that not everyone out here is a fashion expert and be considerate while dealing with people’s queries regarding beauty and fashion.

Also, try to respond to each and every comment, since this shows that you are giving your followers the necessary importance. Most important of all, do not regard your fashion advice as the Bible. Be flexible and open to criticism.

Be Consistent

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No one expects you to come up with a fashion post every two minutes but do not go off the grid, all of a sudden. Social networking sites like Roposo thrive on continuous posts and feedback.

If you are unable to come up with new ideas every week, then at least try to participate in the discussions on this platform. Visit the profiles of the Bollywood divas and get inspired and subsequently come up with your own,, unique tips.

Get in Touch with the Team

In case you are running short of ideas and need some sort of assistance you can always hit the “contact us” button. The team of Roposo is always available to help you out and you can consult them anytime you want.

Who knows together you could come up with brilliant fashion ideas and inspire more and more women out here. You could also take matters in your hand and directly apply for a post at Roposo. If you get in, imagine how many people you could influence with your sense of fashion.

Out of Your Comfort Zone? A Big No

Everyone has a niche. Find out yours and write and blog about it. If you are starting new, try to stay in your comfort zone. Say for instance women’s fashion is your forte and you are clueless about men’s clothing.

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Do not experiment with that territory. Once you have had enough experience on Roposo and managed to have a healthy amount of followers, you can afford to branch out in other territories related to fashion. Diversification is good, but wait until the right time.

Confidence is the Key

Lastly be confident because a fashion icon cannot afford to be shaky and doubtful about their sense of style. Remember you are out here to influence all these women and show them that anyone can be fashionable if they follow your tips.

Make sure that you keep your language simple and tone friendly and the rest will take care of itself. Remember to continuously look for feedback from other fashion enthusiasts and your followers as this will help you to recognize your weaknesses, if any.

Roposo is a community joining all fashionistas out there. Make sure that you make absolute use of this site to impart knowledge and help all these women to get the look that they have all been pining for.


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