Every beginner who is new to SEO gets multiple questions in his mind. How Search Engine does rank a website in search result pages ( SERP’s ) ? What are factors that help google and others to determine which site should be given high position in search results ? These are some common questions that come in every beginner’s mind.

Today’s post is about Dofollow and Nofollow links.  Dofollow and Nofollow links are quite confusing so I will try to make it little easy for you guys.

Let’s get started ;

What is Link Juice ?

Link juice refers to the ability transferred to a website through external or internal links that help search engine to decide the search ranking of a website.

DoFollow Links

DoFollow And NoFollow Links

Dofollow links pass link juice to a page and helps to increase its PageRank. If a site or page has lots of natural Dofollow links then it is likely to get high ranking in search engine result pages ( SERPs ).

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If people are linking to your post then it is sure that your post is very attractive and useful to them. Just think about it, If people are loving your page/post then Why Google and other search engines would not ? They will assuredly give high ranking to such post.

For an example ; There are two posts ( Post 1 and Post 2 ) related to the same subject but from different site. Both posts have the same subject let’s say Backlinks. Post 1 and Post 2 both are of good quality and have explained everything nicely. Both of them deserve the 1st position in the search result for the keyword Backlinks but both can’t share 1st position. Here It is difficult to rank them because both are nice but Only one can have the 1st position. Now for such situation Google and other search engines have their own rules. If Post1 has more natural backlinks then it will be on top but if Post2 has more natural links pointing to it from external sites then Post2 will acquire the 1st position.

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Basically Dofollow links are very important for a site to earn the high ranking in search result pages (SERPs).

Example of Dofollow link :

<a href=””>Example</a>

NoFollow Links

DoFollow And NoFollow Links

Nofollow links do not pass link juice. They don’t improve site’s PageRank. Nofollow links get no value from Search Engine. Though they help people to reach to a site or page.

Nofollow link looks like :

 <a href=”” rel=”Nofollow”>Example</a>

Nofollow link tag was introduced to stop the comment spam and other invalid activity. Mostly comment sections have Nofollow attributes.

Do Nofollow links are good-for-nothing ?

No, they are not worthless. They are hated by Search Engines but still they have strength to drive traffic. Search Engines won’t crawl such links but Humans, they will be able to follow Nofollow links.

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When and Where to use Nofollow tag :

  • Comments : This will stop spam comments to harm your site. And for your site’s security, it is necessary to have Nofollow attribute to your comment section.
  • If you are allowing anyone to contribute their work to your website then you can use Nofollow tag to prevent your site from evil’s hand. What I mean that not everyone wants you to be happy.

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DoFollow And NoFollow Links


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