Delete Whatsapp Photos Automatically from Phone Memory


In this article, I will tell you how to delete Whatsapp photos and make your memory space free. I m sure like me, everyone is fed of all the whatsapp junk images with messages written on them or the screenshots send by your friends and relatives and left no empty space for other things in your phone memory.

Because of this, whatsapp is considered to be one of the worst applications who consume most of our phone memory. All the whatsapp media including whatsapp images, videos and messages are automatically save in our phone memory. There is no way to save whatsapp media to SD card. But due to its usage and importance it is necessary for us to be connected with whatsapp.

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Now a day’s, people think that it is their basic duty to send good morning, good night and motivational images on whatsapp group or individual friend.

People in your whatsapp group or people from your contact list always send these types of photos and fill up your memory space. These people are so close to you that even you cannot block them. If you want to remove all trash from your phone, you can select whatsapp image folder and can delete all whatsapp photos in a single tap.

But in this case, there may be more chances of the photos you need get deleted. You can also delete whatsapp media by selecting photos manually, but this method of manual selection is very time consuming. So how you feel, if these messages written images gets selected automatically from whatsapp folder and gets delete in a single click.

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Steps to delete whatsapp photos from Whatsapp folder automatically :

To delete whatsapp photos automatically from your phone memory, siftr magic app proves to be of great help. This application is design and develops by Indian startup. To delete unwanted whatsapp images follow below steps:
1. Go to the URL :
2. Install application from Google Play Store to your smart phone.
3. This Siftr magic app helps us to get rid of all the whatsapp trash from your phone memory.
4. This application automatically select all the screenshots and text images and also give you the option to delete them all in a single tap.
5. This Website also provides you the option to create an album of your social photos.
6. This website tools works for both smartphones and desktop.
7. There are three tools photo organizer, magic cleaner and website builder.
8. With this, you can also create your website portfolio.
Guys just install this Magic Cleaner in your smartphone and desktop and delete whatsapp photos and all the media trash from your phone memory.


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