What is Deep Web and Surface Web ?

Search engines like Google Open the door to almost all the webs . The websites that can be indexed by these sites and can be accessed by all people are called Surface Web . Any websites all people can’t access nor be indexed by Google can be called the Deep Web or Invincible Web . These can be good or bad .

Deep Web In Detail

Making it clear and easy to understand , consider this example . Just consider the website of Google Drive . When we search it on google we will reach the home page . This page will be visible to all the people . But , there are thousands of people who Log in to this site with their Username and Password and manage their Privet Data. These data will be only available to those people who Log in with the correct username and password . We can take the images that are found on the Google Drive homepage by Google but we can’t take the images stored inside the Google Drive Via Google . So it is a Deep Web .
Just like this the data stored in websites with Username and Password are part of Deep Web . So just imagine how much data will be there in Deep Web when we consider the number of Gmail and Drive Users alone. But this is only just the beginning of Deep Web .  Now we have only discussed the Privet data hidden in Deep web , but there are many other sites and services that are totally hidden from these search engines.

What is Dark Net ?

The secret network is called a Darknet . We can only enter these sites only by certain software and or accounts . The word Darknet came into being in the 1970s . It was the time of ARPANET or the older version of Internet . There were several networks that were hidden from Arpanet . These later came to be known as Darknet.Still there are Darknet hidden from us . In Darknet the word ‘ Dark ‘ refers to hidden from search engines . And we can call the websites with are visible to search engine as ‘ Clear net ‘ . Software like Tor ( The Onion Router ) , Accounts with passwords , special Protocols are the different ways to Dark Net .

What is Dark Web ?

Just like how the Internet differs from the Web , It is just the same for Darknet and Dark web . Web content ( Websites ) of the secret network like Darknet and the hidden contents of Internet is called Dark web. But now most of the Dark web is not working for the good purpose .

Deep web Search Engines 

These are search engines that bring us pieces of information that are not found in normal search engines .

Deep Web Search Engine Examples

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