How to Create Hyperlink between Different Cells, Sheets or Workbooks in Microsoft Excel

Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft to analyze, calculate and maintain data etc.
Sometimes we maintain data in different workbook but unable to link the data in different sheets or different workbooks.

Today I give the shortest way to create hyperlink between different sheets or workbooks that helps to navigate between sheets of a workbook or between different workbooks.

Steps to create hyperlink between different cells of a Sheet :

1. All the steps 1 to 7 are same as above mentioned.
2. Type the Cell Reference in the given area.
For eg: E1 (link single cell) or E1:E10 (link range of cell)
3. Click on Ok.

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Steps to create hyperlink between different Workbooks :

1. Open Microsoft Excel Book1.

2. At the bottom of the Book1, by default you find three sheets as sheet1, sheet2, sheet3 and an option to add on extra sheets.

3. Select the sheet you in which you create hyperlink.

4. Select a cell where you want to place the hyperlink and right click on the value.

5. Navigate to the ‘Hyperlink Option’, click on it.

6. Insert Hyperlink window open.

7. Choose ‘Existing File or Web Page’ from ‘Link To’ option.

8. Choose the folder from the ‘Look in’ option, where your Book2 exist.

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9. Choose the Book from various lists of excel files.

10. You can also Fix the sheet of book2 which you want to hyperlink through Bookmark option, select the sheet from various sheets.

11. Click on Ok and save the changes.

The Screen Tip used to add a description to your hyperlink and it will pop up when a user holds the mouse over the hyperlinked value.

In this way you can create the hyperlink different cells, sheets and workbooks. Some people call hyperlink as bookmark but there functionality are almost same.


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