Bluehost India Review! Wastage of Money ! At a Glance!


Should You Buy Hosting From Bluehost India?

Bluehost India is not effective in terms of quality & keeping the reputation same as their U.S. counterpart. Not recommended!

Bluehost India At a Glance!

Should you buy hosting from Bluehost India Or Bluehost U.S.? They are promoting Indian servers for better speed. Does Bluehost Indian hosting provide the same quality of service as the U.S. hosting provide ? 

While hosting is the most crucial decision of starting your blog or online business and it’s important for you to take this decision carefully. While we browse their planes biggest questions arise are :-

  • Is Bluehost India as good as Bluehost U.S.?
  • Should You buy hosting from Bluehost India?
  • Bluehost India offers server in U.S., Is it better to buy from them?

By the end of this post, you would know: Should you buy hosting from Bluehost India or not?

Why Bluehost India doesn’t fit our quality check?

Bluehost U.S. is a popular web-hosting company for WordPress & well known for innovating CPU throttling technology in the shared hosting. Later in 2010, EIG acquired Bluehost company.

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EIG group also owns numerous hosting companies like Hostgator, ASmallOrange, Resellerclub & many more.

It would be wrong to say that EIG makes the technology decision to hamper the quality of their acquired hosting, rather they provide infrastructure & resources which helps these small hosting companies to grow big.

The only problem is, EIG is more of a business company & their focus is on business expansion rather than helping their acquired companies to reach out to masses with their core innovations.

If you would notice, I started this post with the line “Bluehost India is the latest addition from EIG group” which could have been “Bluehost India is an extension of Bluehost U.S”, and this is an important line which explains a lot of thing.

Bluehost India is launched as a business expansion & is not the same in any ways to Bluehost U.S.

I was expecting it to be an Indian version of Bluehost U.S., where we get the same cPanel (Bluehost customized dashboard), Server quality, CPU throttling technology & other services.

Indian bluehost features
Why Bluehost India doesn’t fit our quality check?

Surprisingly this is not true, and Bluehost India is using Resellerclub to sell hosting & domain packages. Resellerclub is a Mumbai-based company which let freelancers & individuals to start their Domain & hosting business.

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EIG acquired Resellerclub back in February 2014 to expand their business to India. What could be better than using the existing brand value to sell something? The only thing which EIG missed here is, Bluehost U.S. & Hostgator U.S. are popular because of the hosting & service quality along with the offering.

With Bluehost India, you will find same or better offering, but the service quality is not up to the mark.

Bluehost India user review
Should You Buy Hosting From Bluehost India?

I even purchased one of the hosting package to see what’s all the buzz is about? And It was sad to see that Bluehost India is using the Resellerclub dashboard & not offering the same features as Bluehost U.S.

Bluehost India dashboard

Fun fact: You can start a website like Bluehost India by becoming a reseller of Resellerclub.

Pricing Of Bluehost India server:

Bluehost india pricing
Bluehost india pricing

Many new users compare hosting on the pricing difference (Even if it’s negligible) which is not the right factor for deciding on your hosting options. Pricing on Bluehost India is certainly cheaper than Bluehost U.S for a fraction of price but their offering is not the same.

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Should you buy hosting from Bluehost India?

At this time & with existing offerings from Indian Bluehost site, you are better not buying hosting from them. It’s better to buy hosting from their U.S. site, & use free CDN like CloudFlare or MaxCDN to ensure your site loads faster in India too.

I would love to see them offering the same infrastructure as they are offering for their U.S. site which would ensure your website remains up & you will get good technical support.

Have you or any of your friend used Bluehost India? How was the experience. What Bluehost India should do to improve their service quality? Share your viewpoints in the comment section below.


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