ABCD of Health – Learn by Heart


To defeat diseases, it is necessary to understand and follow the Health Chart ie ABCD of Health. To remain healthier, you have to change your eating and life style and to maintain a proper distance from the bad habits. People, who have proper schedule for each and every work, do exercise, yoga and include fruits, green vegetables; diseases will be very far from them. To remain health and away from diseases, you must understand the ABCD of Health and make them part of your daily routine.

ABCD of Health – Make them part of your daily routine and keep away from diseases :

A for APPLE – A apple for a day keeps a doctor away. It will make your immune system strong and you will not fall ill.
B for BRUSH YOUR TEETH – Always clean your teeth as it is the only way to your stomach.
C for CLEAN WATER – Drink always cleaned and boiled water.
D for DOCTOR – Never ignores symptoms of diseases and consults with doctor.
E for EXERCISE – Exercise daily for 30 minutes. By this you will feel active instead of lazy.
F for FOOD – Always eat healthy food. Change the habit of eating anything because of taste only.
G for GOOD HABITS – Never compromise with your good habits in whole day as good habits turns into good health.

ABCD of Health Learn by heart
ABCD of Health – Make part of daily routine & keep away diseases
H for HAPPY to HEALTH – Be happy for your health. Make all efforts for your good health.
I FOR IMMUNITY – To increase immunity, make a proper routine of your diet, exercise, cleanliness etc.
J for JUDGEMENTAL – In every decision you have to keep your health in your mind, do not listen others take your own decision what is good for your health and what is bad.
K for CALORIES – Calories results in fat and fat results in diseases. So always calculate the calories mentioned on packets before buying anything from the market.
L for LEARN NEW – With the change in health, knowledge related with health increases with day by day. Learn new tips related with life and health and apply in your daily life.
M for MIND FULL – To have attractive and active health you have to work with your mind and never ignore your health.
N for NATURAL – Nature makes you healthy and strong. So increase your knowledge about nature.
O for OUTDOOR – Don’t be lazy; do not always sit and sleep. Have some walk; take the amazing benefits of light, fresh air and of sun. Sunbath of 30 minutes daily is sufficient for good health.
P for PEOPLE – Increase the interaction with good and knowledgeable people and learn new things.
Q for QUIT – Quit your bad habits like love to eat fast foods instead of fruits and green vegetables and do exercise and yoga daily.
R for READING – Make reading your habit as it increases your knowledge about various perspectives of life and health.
S for SUGAR FREE – Even if you are not a diabetic patient, then also limit the amount of sugar in your diet.
T for NO TO TOBACCO – Do not eat any substance made up of tobacco as it causes cancer.
U for USE MINIMUM – The idea behind a good health is to make your wishes minimum. To attain your wishes you have to take lots of workloads which lead to tension.
V for VEGETABLES – Become vegetarian and includes food products that are rich in Vitamins, proteins and Minerals.
W for WASH YOUR HANDS – To remain disease- resistance you have to wash your hands before and after eats anything.
X for STOP DRUG AND ALCOHOL – Addiction of anything is dangerous for your health. Use of Tobacco, Cigarette and alcohol can causes cancer. So take a resolution to quit these things.
Y for YOU – Above 24 tips are not to study but to apply them in your life and make disease free.
Z for JUST SLEEP GOOD – With good habits, good day and good health you have to take proper sleep as when you wake up feel fresh and healthier.


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