WordPress ping tools list for faster indexing of new post


If you are running a Blog on wordpress then you already have many SEO advantages provided by WordPress community but there is a hidden feature called Ping list or ping tools in the wordpress and today i am telling you how to use it properly.

If you still don’t know about ping list or pinging feature then don’t worry it’s just a list of websites which works as a ping tools means “when you publish a new post these pinging websites automatically notifies all the search engines about the changes or updates”

Luckily wordpress has given a feature where you have to only put the url of those pinging websites which works as a ping tools, by default wordpress use only one pinging site for that but you can add many more in that box, it’s very helpful in indexing by search engines and so for SEO.

just see the screenshot to understand how you can do it for your wordpress blog:

Wordpress ping tools list for faster indexing of new post
Login to your wordpress account and then go to setting>writing then scroll down and you will see a box named update services, you just need to clear the box if have any url in it and paste these pinging url into the box and then click on save changes.

List of ping tools or pinging url:




















you can copy it from this wordpress doc file too

This is just a basic but important technique to improve SEO. I hope this helps you,if have any questions then ask me by commenting below, i will reply to you ASAP.